Foreclosure Substantiation Information

THE COURT IS REQUESTED TO COMPEL DISCOVERY believed held by plaintiff and or plaintiffs attorney. The foreclosure bought is neither a conventional mortage foreclosure nor of the variety that is described in the state civil code of procedures.

Defendants have reason to believe and from discovery to date state as fact that a recovery of this type with respect to acquiring entity and transferor for mergers and acquisitions by acquiree must retain Substantiation Information.pursuant to the IRS Under §1.6001–1(e), taxpayers are required to retain their permanent records and make such records available to any authorized Internal Revenue Service officers and employees. In connection with the reorganization described in this section, these records should specifically include information regarding the amount, basis, and fair market Mar<15>2010 19:27 May 29, 2013

Furthermore the court cannot proceed nor decide this civl matter barring judicial review of § 1.381(a)–1 26 CFR Ch. I (4–1–13 Edition) value of all transferred property, and relevant facts regarding any liabilities assumed or extinguished as part of
such reorganization. (e) Effective/applicability date. This
section applies to any taxable year beginning on or after May 30, 2006. However, taxpayers may apply this section to any original Federal income tax return (including any amended return filed on or before the due date (including extensions) of such original return) timely filed on or after May 30, 2006.
For taxable years beginning before May 30, 2006, see §1.368–3 as contained in 26 CFR part 1 in effect on April 1,

Petitioning parities shall be barred from further delay, postponement and all argument denying the defendant’s right to discovery Therefore such demand are made pursuant to financial tax payer information related to the above entitled case and referenced operative laws as cited herein

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