AUDITOR FINDINGS -insider trading on loan numbers ?

We ask the question …”how can a loan number INSIDER CODE reveal the Dodd Frank Cut off date of 5-11-2018 if the market had not yet crashed ?” Well here it is and it’s true.

The findings from a March 15th 2018 audit of the borrower’s file indicates  the 5-11-2018 legislation expiration is a short sellers mark . The audit picked up the date which appears used by insiders privy to alleged concealed loan numbering timing constraint.

The loan numbers have been suspected to hold more than  meets the eye according to SECONDARY  whole loan foreclosure auditors .  Concealment will tilt the scales with respect to a notional value – the total net amount of a derivative transaction, usually an interest rate swap, a forward contract, a cross currency swap or an options contract.

Here the loan number 2503134008 reveals a willful effort to gain advantage using a  numeric code system designed by insiders as far back as 2005.  The loan number is valued at 40 years prepaid interest that runs from the date of the loans closing to Dodd Frank sunset 5-11-2018.

Is this another example of the Y-2K warnings?

You be the judge!

Loan number 2503134008

Preferred – 25.00
Common-  833.33
Bond- 10,833.33
Balance Out- 433,333.33
Installments – 34,666.67
Years – 12.5
Per Annum – 366
No of days- 4575
Mortgage Date – 10/31/2005
End Date-  5/11/2018


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