Chapter 13 – Cancellation of Debt & Involuntary Conversion [Not intended as a legal opinion]


Dear US Trustee

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the United States Trustee supervises the private trustees who administer Chapter 13 cases. In this chapter, the trustee does not liquidate the debtor’s assets, but instead evaluates the debtor’s financial affairs and makes recommendations to the court regarding the debtor’s proposed repayment plan.

A Chapter 13 debtor must propose a plan that devotes all disposable income to debt repayment over a period of up to five years. Most Chapter 13 cases are administered by “standing trustees” appointed by the United States Trustee to administer all cases filed in a particular geographic area.

In my case I am asking the US Trustee to intervene and affirm or formally reject the evidence obtained to date that clearly shows a back dating scheme under the US governments stern warning about Y2 K and 26 US Code section 61 consideration .

In the cancellation of debt is the involuntary conversion of title to land under a utilities, gas or other energy 99 year leasehold schedule. The attribution falls under section 61 is the attribution of ordinary income that is either paid or owed to the filing party in Ch 13

The inability or neglect with regards to addressing COD Income and sec 108 accelerated recovery as discovered in this case is not an option. Attribution by direct investment is subject to forfeiture that may or may not be cause for abandonment and 1099 A issued by foreclosing entity.

Please see attached SPS Statements


Mr. BK Filer

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