Only a Forensic Examiner can determine the Validity of an “Original” Note

A worthless web site called livinglies professes “Only a Forensic Examiner can determine the Validity of an “Original” Note”

The website plays on peoples weakness with daily hype and propaganda for the publisher

If you want to audit your file would will need the final HUD I , any foreclosure correspondences from the opposition and the purported servicing statements to date.

We use this data to demonstrate the cause of the default and purpose of the foreclosure under the Dodd Frank legislation and debt collections practices act under the IRS for something called COD income.

The federal tax code uses the term “involuntary conversion” to refer to cases in which you receive compensation for the destruction, theft or confiscation of property. If you end up with a new property to replace the old one, you usually won’t have any immediate tax implications. But if you just take the money and walk away, an involuntary conversion may be taxed like a regular sale, or a voluntary conversion.

Web sites like livinglies want you to believe there is a prevailing banker fraud involved in your case. The truth is revealed in an audit that encompasses gross amount of loan proceeds and attribution of COD income COD is the cancellation of debt and involuntary conversion of debt to equity paid to you as income.

The income is paid over installments as ordinary and taxed at the prevailing state and federal rates. This is all divulged in the post foreclosure issued tax forms 1099 A and 1099 C

You are going to get nowhere grasping at straws and are better off with a tax attorney if you can afford it . Start with our audit and let us show you what we find in support of the above mentioned arguments for claims.

If we cannot find determine or discover what we are alleging herein – there is NO COST

What you think you are losing is what owed to you …