“Linda Tirelli robo signer and Steve M ”

“Linda Tirelli robo signer” and you’ll find no less than eight hundred and forty hits highlighting my work as a consumer advocate exposing the fraud that is robo-signing and document fabrication.

That is the problem with false prophets and morons acting like foreclosure scribes. A Robo signor is anyone in the mortage bankers office with  a blanket POA allowed to sign a corporate officer’s name for purposes of the assignment and  blank endorsement. The instrument is for all  purposes and intent worthless as they are provided in file exclusive to the  Creditor.

Creditor not lender is the holder and in possession of the asset

Lenders originate loans and  commercial lenders  fund the mortgages which must be sold at 180 days. The ROBO signed document is valueless after the first 180 days and this is what we as experts want to get in front of the court for you .

Why is the court interested in hearing the assignment is valueless  as a staled date  instrument . Because the  foreclosing agents are using it as a tool to unwind loans  under a reverse purchase and sale scheme

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