6/2/2017 Hearing and 10/19/87 Black Monday

THE STOCK MARKET crashed in a unprecedented event in 1987 . In finance, Black Monday refers to Monday, October 19, 1987, when stock markets around the world crashed, shedding a huge value in a very short time. The crash began in Hong Kong and spread west to Europe, hitting the United States after other markets had collapsed.

Now take a look at a case we are testifying in for the defendants against the foreclosure brought by SPS and Rosenberg and Associates.

  • Annum 360.6  days
  • Years 30.00 term 
  • 30 Yrs: 10,819.00 days

I took 360.6 days a year bond holder per annum multiplied by 30 years equal to 10,819 totals days.

Multiply the 30 years by $57.12 per day equal to $ 618,005.81 the amount shown by SPS on their statements.

Now I take the hearing date 6/2/2017 and backdate 10,819 days and that takes me to 10/19/1987. . . Black Monday

  • Court Hearing 06/02/17
  • No. of days (10,819.00)
  • Equals back to : 10/19/87

Again take (57.12) x 10819 equals $618,005.81

Conclusion  – Its called hiding the cash by back dating  30 years to a relevant date in history  … another timing devise. The SPS statement shows $618005.81 as interest bearing account and “other balance outstanding”shown is $618,005.81.  Matching balances contra accounts and mortgages – Makes one think!

If you are in foreclosure – ask your self . . .what am I doing ! One popular web site by Living-the-lie is talking about forgery and another about the weather in France – WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE ?

At this pace you do not have a chance …not a chance !

registerclaims@live.com (The smart mans defenses…)

To Buy or to be stuck in a Lease

The court is asked to hear arguments denying Plaintiffs claims to a lawful foreclosure on ground the liquidation of the estates value over 10 years requires the court to decide a punitive tax upon reconstituting the lost or abandonment asset.

The fact is most commercial leases are written against  chattel that converts at installation into  real property  or machinery that at the and of a 10 years term is fully amortized down to zero.  The vendor sells the  asset to the creditor who is return his investment as 20 semi annual installments.

Furniture fixture and other equipment that is attached to real property become real property . So how can these high ticket items sell on a lease versus  a mortage . After all dont you turn a car in at the end of five years ?

In these instances a capital lease agreement or commercial lease covers the cost basis in the asset sold or in this case leased. At the end of ten years the lessor will seek to have the lessee exercise his right of reversion for a nominal value such as $100. In a recent bankruptcy Ch 7 case in White Plains New York I was allowed to appear as the filers accountant. The court explained to me that my analysis failed as just what I am describing here – a lease and not a mortgage.

My response was asked then why did the home sell for $100. Homes do not sell for $100 and this is called the right of repurchase value at a nominal value.

If the Creditor desires to take back the asset after the end of the term he does what is known as a repossession.  Typically  the lessee will claim the lessors abandonment for walking away and seek permission to recover possession.   If the lessors  or creditor here is looking to recover his asset  leased by vendor and assigned back  he may seek a court ordered entry for judgement to establish the value  of the article to be repossessed.

If I were a banker or any one of the interested parties I would thank my bad karma that the majority or Americans cannot calculate a mortage  to the date prior to the term for the life loan. Better yet few  rarely know how to calculate a commercial lease.

Beware of terms used like repossession installments and abandonment – lease terms .