Track the Flow of Money ….Look what we found!

Foreclose for a mortage held just over four years for outstanding balance prepaid out 30.56 years.

Now someone on-line for a popular foreclosure web site “Guru” revealed you should track the money in a foreclosure case. When we tried to publish just what the Witch-doctors ordered . . .


Hmm! So we will do the Livinglies for you ! Here it is and we hope you can follow along:


  • Alleged Loan Amount $546,250
  • Appraised Value- Sale $598,952
  • 1099 A Issued Box 1.  $598,952
  • Date of Foreclose: 10/28/2012  Wells Fargo  for Bank of America
  • Date of Eviction:  9/01/2013  Local County Sheriffs

We audited this Southern California file back in 2013 and indeed showed the results to the foreclosure victims CPA and tax preparer.

Our basis for audit  assumed we integrate the alleged Loan Amount $546,250 and amount shown as the appraised value at sale $598,952. This was shown in 1099 A issued Box 1.  $598,952.

We included the Date of Foreclose as of 10/28/2012 for alleged sale by Wells Fargo for Bank of America. And then determined offsets using the  IRC Title 26  “Codes” and were able to factor out the remaining days to the date of eviction:  9/01/2013 by local County Sheriffs


What resulted was what you see above – Capitalized value of nearly three times the loans value or $1.4 million on only 11 months in arrears for mortgage prepaid out 30.56 years .

If we can assist you with an audit or your attorney with evidentury in these foreclosure endeavors and stating a claim for compensation you are due – contacts us at




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