Cracking the MERS BAR Codes

Codes are used in times of war and perhaps for productive things like more efficiency created in Bar codes . Troy, Ohio celebrates an historic occasion annually that puts it on the world map of the grocery trade. National Cash Register, which provided the checkout equipment, was based in Ohio and Troy was also the headquarters of the Hobart Corporation, which developed the weighing and pricing machines for loose items such as meat. It was here, at just after 8 a.m. on June 26, 1974, that the first item marked with the Universal Product Code (UPC) BAR CODE was scanned at the checkout of Troy’s Marsh Supermarket.

Its needless to say that when a nominee named MERS and Bar codes came together nothing good could come out of  it. Lets take a look at the alleged codes used to  sync MERS with  timing and pricing in the scheduling defaults and for timing fictitious foreclosures.


  • Starting backwards (REPO) with 5/11/2018 Dodd Frank Sunset
  • 1031 Days : 1031 Tax deferred “like kind exchanges” for title transferred at time of loan closing
  • 7  Days : adjusted at the end of a 1031 exchange for settlement  and  recording
  • 1038  : Total days starting on 7/8/2015 the day the NYSE closed.
  • 3663 = 10 Year bond expiration
  • 2005 = Conversion of the Legacy Platform  (2005-2008.5 & 2008.5 – 2012)
  • Commencing  12/31/99 from the scheduled 5/11/2018 Dodd Frank Sunset.

From these coded dates we subtract and convert dates into days months and years ending with the subject files life of loan”Scheduled default at 9.11 years .  Come on 9.11 years as in 911 ?

The series of dates and calculations are using Microsoft MersBarCodesExcel that are believed to be in fact “Bugged” while it remains the number one platform for secondary and  capital markets traders.  According to M Soliman “It is the Y2-K Bug that purportedly survives unbeknownst to the United States government.”

But what is most disparaging to member banks reputations and more humiliating to the attorneys involved in the subject matter case is the  9.11 years triggered in this case analysis using a default judgement date of  6/2/2017.  June 2nd, 2017 is the date of the scheduled hearing in district court for a case brought by Bank of NY and J P Morgan Chase for judicial foreclosure.

Explain that one to the court …or should the court explain it to the litigants…LOL !

Who really knows at this stage.  Now for the non believers akin to our firmly cracking the MERS Bar codes … SUGGESTION:  Try Livinglies for some more ROBO arguments and track the back of the notary jack  (Please) .

LOL . . .Peace !

For the substance missing in your case have your lawyers contact us or contact us yourself  for audits that guarantee to crack your MERS BAR Code.

  • Guarantee is for audits where we cannot confirm the timing of the default and foreclosure that otherwise were in fact due to insider knowledge and MERS Bar Codes

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