I believe the recent analysis shown using borrower down payment and land recording  dockets numbers and CC & R’s  to reconstitute the value of a zero foreclosure is the work of  J P Morgan Chase. Belief is they are  instructing foreclosure attorneys to book DEFAULTS ACCORDING TO AN INSIDER CODE USING MICROSOFT EXCEL AND EMBEDDED DATES .

I reviewed countless files and see the pattern in each  If your file funded after 12/31/99 YOU have it and your loan was TOXIC . In the past clients have said show me more and should ask for more – Here it is -evidence of a conclusive “Insider Code” used to fake foreclosure by unscrupulous attorneys.

What is important here is the analysis and references by scholarly articles.  First look at the embedded codes used for constructing false dates

  • 6/27/2005 Benchmark date for the Y2 K Platform
  • 3663 days equal to a 10 year bond
  • 7/8/2015 Day the NYSE closed for computer glitches
  • 2005 embed code for dating purposes
  • 180 days marking a  tax deferred 1031 exchange of like kind properties.


Here is a slightly easier understanding of this universal platform.

12/31/99 = Y2K  + 2005 = 6/28/2005 + 3663 = 7/8/2015 NYSE Closed +1031 Exchange   adjusted 7 days according to the Department of Treasury end this Legacy nightmare on 5/11/2018 …Dodd Frank sunset .

Total days lapsed 100 years plus 5668 or backdated from 7/8/2018 to Y2K  or 12/31/99  Ouch!  Your coded for default and were doomed to fail as the home transferred on the date of orgination using the Y2K Embedded Codes .


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