I take the note amount and consider it the value of the home transferred to the Demand issuer.  Then take the demand and consider it the value of the amount carried back by seller to note holder.  Therefore the Note holder purchases the property from demand issuer as Seller Carry Back Financing.

For this theory to prevail in a court of law as fact there would have to be far greater substance to the alleged actions of banks taking title from consumers.  Something more to support the argument.

Now go to the state codes used in Oregon Deed of Trust , and California Deed of Trust   and Washington Deed of Trust . . .

Form 3001: Alabama Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3002: Alaska Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3003: Arizona Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3004: Arkansas Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3005: California Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3006: Colorado Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3007: Connecticut Mortgage Deed [DOC]
Form 3008: Delaware Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3009: District of Columbia Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3010: Florida Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3011: Georgia Security Deed [DOC]
Form 3012: Hawaii Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3013: Idaho Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3014: Illinois Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3015: Indiana Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3016: Iowa Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3017: Kansas Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3018: Kentucky Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3019: Louisiana Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3020: Maine Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3021: Maryland Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3022: Massachusetts Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3023: Michigan Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3024: Minnesota Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3025: Mississippi Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3026: Missouri Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3027: Montana Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3028: Nebraska Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3029: Nevada Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3030: New Hampshire Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3031: New Jersey Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3032: New Mexico Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3033: New York Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3034: North Carolina Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3035: North Dakota Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3036: Ohio Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3037: Oklahoma Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3038: Oregon Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3039: Pennsylvania Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3040: Rhode Island Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3041: South Carolina Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3042: South Dakota Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3043: Tennessee Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3044: Texas Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3045: Utah Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3046: Vermont Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3047: Virginia Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3048: Washington Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3049: West Virginia Deed of Trust [DOC]
Form 3050: Wisconsin Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3051: Wyoming Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3052: Guam Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3053: Puerto Rico First Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3053.1: Puerto Rico Acceptance of Mortgage [DOC]
Form 3054: Virgin Islands Mortgage [DOC]

The use of codes in a foreclose is unethical unwarranted and of course against the general public’s welfare.

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