1. The mortgage settlement HUD I was netted.

2. The value of the note capitalized meaning 12 months payments x 15 multiple (on avg.)

3. The lenders contribution “netted” was 12 – 15 months months payments

4. Payments for years 1 -12 and 12 through 36 were capitalized by household as paid in capital.

5. Paid in capital was recouped and the balance paid by consumer was treated as additional paid in capital.

6. Balance due on escrow of notes value withheld is funded as debt meaning preferred stock.

7. The mortgage converted to equity meaning the value of the note was offset by the homes appraised value.

8. The home was therefore transferred , granted and conveyed into a single investment -title to your property.

9. The value of the homes equity is accrued up to the value of the mortgage at 1.25 percent

10. ONLY A MORTGAGE WITH AN ACCRUED VALUE IN EXCESS OF ITS FACE VALUE CAN BE FORECLOSED ON.  [a current mortgage is paid-off at less or its face value —ALWAYS]


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