The Lender always funds the loan through its Creditor therefore Lender provided the Creditor the entire collateral file prior to  funding the loan .

[1] Was the collateral package given to Creditor complete with the assignment and allonge ?

[2] Was the Assignment left open or blank ?

[3] Was the loan sold  within 180 days?

Creditor always holds the collateral and takes a blank assignment . It records only in the event the file was not sold to an investor. The it would record at 180 days of the loans orgination

No if’s and or but’s – that is the regulatory practices and  FDIC regulatory guidelines . If the court looks at the assignment to a Creditor and believes everything in order for the transfer recorded several years later —good chance a fraud is about to take place.

Its called “evasion.”

Write us for a quote on auditing your file HUD I and 1099 A post foreclosure.



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