Herein the above entitled matter is a case made for a homeowner being duped into a purchase of real property, an upscale VA Condominium. Instead  of  GOOD TITLE , she received in 1031 EXCHANGES equitable shares of trust. Like so many other cases the title transferred to “corpus”and exchanged  for worthless bad bank assets shares. The consumer homeowner reconstitutes value for the thrid party distressed assets as REO or bank properties held in inventory.

Its all wrong – very wrong and few consumers can see past the ROBO nonsense or assignment stupidity involving notorious forgery [we look so stupid as as a class…but victims will be victims.]

These inventoried commercial converted assets are non-performing member bank CRE  devalued buildings transferred as shares to household used by Wells Fargo Bank and J P Morgan Chase Bank N.A. its Officers and Directors to purchase the subject home at loans closing.

Defendants are not alleged to favor one versus any other mortgage conversions into bank non performing properties as much as they had to move these bad bank REO or off their books by 2005. To sell these 1987-1991 non-performing assets or at deep discount would signal the end of the banks century plus run to date.


For any jurisdiction to deny in preceding the arguments raised arguing pooling and servicing arrangements for non-performing assets interchanged with  shares of single-family homes strikes at the very heart of the banking sector and ethics. They did what they did ! Denying litigant furthers the lies and places the securities and exchange commission’s oversight and compliance in a very bad spot .

Distressed Classes of Restricted Securities – exchanged for homes – The subject property is converted to bank REO at a 10: 1 ratio of equity to debt under the false claim title transferred free of restraint or alienation …by Grantors desire and own free will. The mortage was never offered as wealth accumulation for retiree or a reverse mortage .

FACT The borrower obligation is converted to phantom income paid to household over 20 installments

FACT income paid to you is then credited back at the rent needed to capitalize or re-constitute the Chase bad bank non-performing assets.

To deny these two critical facts surrounding the 1996 Legacy and Y2 K program is place Chase in long term jeopardy at the expense of a quick decision arguably  stare  decisis. The risk is the public eventual discovery and collapse of the entire economic recovery defeating the purpose for creating the platform and introducing a nominee as beneficiary of the  trust.

The ongoing or continued rulings  in favor of a fictitious lender and false claims for servicing , where no conventional mortgage exists is the greatest threat to the US economy. That includes domestic banking and even international banking.

A litigant who enters the court with the correct arguments and purpose for claims who is (1) accepting the parties’ elections to take title (2) avoids counter claims of fraud and (3) holds all required and essential discovery in hand to support his or her claims is someone who the court must look seriously at when compelling the opposition into settlement to avoid public exposure of the facts in this matter.

Text 213 -239-4661

expert witness testifying in wrongful foreclosure cases


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