Fictitious Foreclosure & Bad Bank Debt

Foreclosure defenses are a moot argument as the fictitious foreclosure conceals the Cancellation of debt for the involuntary  conversion to household income.logo-cert-cfe

Under 26 US Code section 61 (a) (1) and 108 (i) you have credit attributed to you as ordinary income paid charged to the linked PAS agreement. These PAS ‘s capitalized JP Morgan Chase bad assets by recapitalizing their value using ordinary income attributed to you.

Now that income was paid to you for the transfer and sale of your home at the time of orgination . It was all part of a tax deferred scheme that extended from 7.5 years to 15 years.

The amount paid to you in some sort of concealed condemnation was then returned by you as the payee as phantom rent paid to Wells Fargo as Trustee.

The offshore buyers of “Bad Bank Debt” were for the most part the institutional banks punished and punished hard for not entering the war overseas when called up. The trap was set  with the. Checkmate coming in 2008 but using the US Household as the pawn .

Want more proof – try relaxing to some embedded codes found in household files JUST LIKE YOURS:

2007 + 3660 = 1/1/2000 through 7/08/2015  remember . . the days the NYSE closed ?

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