Experts Answers

I have SPS (Wells Fargo Subsidiary) claiming to have an obligation with me and they filed and rescinded a fake NOD last month. 

–  An NOD is filed by the foreclosing agent upon the request of the servicer. There is no servicing allowed in a mortgage backed Private Label Securities offering so …not fake. Your claims are for a materially false instrument recorded against the estate causal to a “slander of Title for purposed of unjust enrichment”..    


QBE stated the FPI shows paid off. 

–  In this analysis are certain factual based findings and verifiable discovery supported by empirical fact whereby estate is affirmed to set unencumbered and free of liens. Therefore, title rests disturbed from adverse claims made by FDCPA agencies seeking to recover abandoned assets in order to reconstitute lost or charged off value. Therefore a question as to the consumers default is answered whereas the consumers payments

First, your promissory Note is destroyed for economic de-recognition (accrual) purposes and therefore is lost to the lenders claims of a breach by the borrower. Its recognition is by a controversial accounting revision under ASC 310, ASC 320 and ASC 380 using futures derivatives and short title methods, devises and instrumentality.  Indeed the note is void whereby the Mortgage “deed” is discounted to create a notional value paid as a futures strike price and securities option Call Date.Next, realize the lenders liens are stripped from title rendering it free of all encumbrances. The estate and its unencumbered equity are used to fund the depositors account.  A depositor’s account is held as mark to market consideration transferred into a Delaware LP, “paid in capital account.” The LP Paid in capital account is valued at $250 price per share. Therefore the number of shares is equal to the value of the property appraisal. This allows for the shares to represent title under a purchase and sale agreement for purposes of a 1031 exchange.Now consider where Trust Common Shares are pledged to a Foreign National Central Bank using a 80 -20 formula. Problematic issues arise whereby the 20 percent discount is equal to five years prepaid interest The prepaid interest is paid on demand at the strike price equal to the original notes face value.


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