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masterservicer, on November 5, 2013 at 2:40 am said:

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Here’s your problem Matt Weidner …your guessing !

He reports that he went to court on a case where IndyMAc was the plaintiff. IndyMac was one of the first banks to collapse.

It was found that they owned virtually zero mortgages Why Matt ?

***  Because the mortgages they made were the existing liens of record!

and [they] had “securitized” the rest which is to say they never loaned the money or got paid off by a successor.

*** Again… Because the mortgages they made were carried forward as the existing liens of record!

Now the servicing rights on IndyMac have been sold.

*** Nope – The servicing rights were de-recognized and could not be sold ….only “pledged as a forward or bond holders annuity under market triggered 1031 tax deferred exchange investment scheme for trading warrants and corporate debentures as appreciating asset over 60 months ”

So when the time came for trial he finds the lawyer fighting with his own witness.

***  First , did he motion the court for judicial notice that counsel was on his own ? And representing an IRS “best efforts” claim for alleged abandoned asset?  

It seems that she would not say she worked for IndyMac because she didn’t. That meant there was no corporate representative present to testify for the plaintiff.

****Not true FDIC  Receiver under the 2009 HOLD CO Agreement with One West “Shell” for the Bank of NY Mellon”

Not according to what we have seen where IndyMac foreclosures continue to be rubber stamped by Judges who do not understand the gravity of the situation

***You Neil! You and your attorneys don’t have a clue …Not a clue and your still giving advice ….