Deleted loans under a nominee Mers Corp

The Trustor’s contribution of real property maintains it is lawfully siesed of the estate; while providing him an estate for years for tax purposes and to allow that he remain in possession
Trustor is held solely to liens of record held as security interests UCC-1 filing, for the registration of stock. For this purposes of the statutory indenture and demand of the trustee, the security instrument, UCC 1, is proper jurisdiction over local recording as a uniform instrument used for national use. Finally, the Trustor’s assets are contribution and not a loan permitted or article for which the Trustee can substitute and delete at will and remain BK remote.
If trusts claims to assets are interchangeable, from one loan and date to the next, a policy of substitute and delete as f or any trust assets cause two substantive issues to arise for the Trustor. First is a Taxable event upon which the IRC tax payer code will view the contribution, not as a sale, but solely classify it as a lease. This therefore conditions the mortgage to a sale and contribution by the trustor or interchangeable estate for years and securities registration for rental income.
The second is for the barriers and prohibitions on making loans interchangeable. On any given date the mortgages are trust assets which are materially altered as a common law mortgage. Albeit it can never be restored without novation and having to recapitalize the subsequent events and not just the asset.
There is no less the bare minimum of a lock out period for trust assets to have been barred from participation in this chaotic world of financing known as substituted and deleted loans under a nominee Mers Corp.

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