What is the Cost of Foreclosure in 2013

deny and discover tactics.

Plaintiff received a mortgage loan for an obligation set forth in the terms of the agreement . The Note.

Said note was secured by a deed given to the lender as beneficiary later assigned to beneficial interest

The later assignment was never recorded.
Said later assignment was then transferred to a successor
Successor and assigned is taking its transfer for due consideration owed it as a third-party bargain to a counter party
The assignor is the party who will emerge grantee at time of sale if the property is forced into a default.
The assignor is listed at sale as the foreclosing beneficiary.

The beneficial interest in the asset of the lender is assigned to the lender subsidiary and later assigned to a foreclosing party who is the bidder and who paid in consideration the winning bid.

The beneficial interest at settlement is the same in the chain of assignments and will emerge the owner of the asset in a foreclosure sale. It is one in the same party who is named in the subject security instrument and borrowers deed of trust.

I have said this every which way I can from day one and been called a fraud and someone who does not deliver.. For the record that this editorial may serve, I assert that Mers Corp is a special nominee for the Federal Reserve and its ability to borrower from domestic and foreign investors and to access the lowest cost of funds to remain a world leader in domestic and world financial markets.

The notion of a free economy and open market system for non controlling valuations and free enterprise involved in buying and selling contracts and for futures markets are dead.

The free market system dependent on an open market economy for commodities that support manufacturing and both consumer and durable goods is captured , contained and highly controlled by clandestine and secretive maneuvering by US Banks.US banks under government controlling elements appearing to be the private sector emerge only through a nominee.

Housing is now in fact a governmental direct subsidized element of this economy that will continue to evolve with further forthcoming reinstatement of Federal UCC law. Herein the matter shall continue to evolve into a private sector conflict with government’s role in business and personal lives of Americans

Maher Soliman
expert witness


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