circumvent the wrongful sale

This is to inform you that the Notices of default delivered by your office for recording requested by First American Title Insurance Co. appear to have been prepared under some sort of dual tracking system.

The same notices state “when recorded mail to Law offices of Les Zieve 18377 Beach Boulevard Huntington Beach California 92648”. The Notice is not an original docket number but a copy of the document recorded on August 03, 2012/ See instrument number 2012-0456045 for TS NO 12-19425 Loan Number 89807841 

Your notice is explicit in detail as it states by your office’s own admission No sale can be set until approximately  90 days’  from the date of this notice of default may be recorded (which date of recordation appears on this notice).

My office is handling the tax preparation for the calendar year-end for the trustor and herein for submission to a Certified Public Accountant. The concerns are for a 1099 your office will issue as the result of the notice your filing.  

Upon a closer investigation into your disclaimer it means to read that No Notice of sale can be set until approximately the date of the anniversary of the expiration of the mortgages bond holder account. The information is discovered from UCC filings, other County recorder information. Data obtained on file in other states and filing information for the private placement memorandums and pooling s and servicing agreements’ as well as other MBS and ABS information found electronically on-line.

By your own advisement, the foreclosing trustee is requesting the trustor contact a statutory trustee for assets in the jurisdiction of the state of New York. My efforts to affirm a mortgage deed of trust held on file by said trustee is in fact “gibberish” Your office is triggering a taxable event by way of dual tracking for obligations of another party being assigned pro rata to the trustor.

You need to review the title as well as an abstract is required and must be made available to confirm all liens of record. All other terms of the deed of trust appear to have been lifted from the lenders claims upon the registration of securities and formation of trust.

Your notice is created from a computer system tracking collateral used to form the depositor account. This deposit account was for a bond offering held to the Trustor’s contract for the date it was executed.  Hence, the notices could not be filed until the expiration of the Bond roll over term.

The release is the anniversary of the date the security was executed as shown below:You’re forcing a controlled sale against a consumer trustor who is entitled to a right for salvage and surety claims for subrogation. This is clearly a claim manufactured to commence the date of expiration of another contract. The purported sale was set for assets held by the indenture Trustee that was charged under the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act and further violates CA CC §2924 et seq. I have recommended the client seek counsel immediately to circumvent the wrongful sale of real property in order to wash assets.

We appreciate your assistance in uncovering the facts for which the collateral being foreclosed upon is not the title to the subject property


Accounting Specialist


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