Except as set forth in paragraph (d) of this section, a creditor agency shall transfer any debt that is more than 180 days delinquent to FMS for debt collection services. For accounting and reporting purposes, the debt remains on the books and records of the agency which transferred the debt.(2) On behalf of the creditor agency,

FMS will take appropriate action to collect or compromise the transferred debt, or to suspend or terminate collection action thereon, in accordance with the statutory and regulatory requirements and authorities applicable to the debt and the action. Appropriate action to collect a debt may include referral to another debt collection center, a private collection contractor, or the Department of Justice for litigation.

The creditor agency shall advise FMS, in writing, of any specific statutory or regulatory requirements pertaining to their debt and will agree, in writing, to a collection strategy which includes parameters for entering into compromise and repayments agreements with debtors.(3)(i) A debt is considered 180 days delinquent for purposes of this section if it is 180 days past due and is legally enforceable.



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