The mortgage ceases to exist

If the mortgage ceases to exist and the loan balance recorded is extinguished, this raises further concerns your title was used to collateralize a bond purchase by a foreign national “Central Bank affiliate. Albeit the Pooling and Servicing Agreements’ I have read in this matter is deceptive, however, it does reveal your loan was transferred in conjunction with a certain pledged “depositor” account.
In a bad faith offer, the borrower would have to be down or back 90 days for a default to trigger recognition. If the party alleging to be a servicer is asking you to consider a modification, please be cautious of the offer. This is likely part of the scheme to generate the earlier mentioned “trigger” event. This is necessary to restore the mortgage to its prior capitalized form. Even then they would have to encourage you to miss two payments to cause the economic triggering event by way of reversion in a default claim
Now, as for claims the assets were charged off, it’s safe to say that recognition under GAAP requires that the lender first satisfy the balance outstanding before they pursue any offers of assistance. This is not likely to occur.
There is quite a bite more I intend to uncover concerning the IRS code evidencing lenders washing assets. I am sorry to share this news with you. But if it helps to avert the suffering you had to endure, know that your claims to title and estate are subject to merit arguing “economic waste”, unlawful estoppels, and estoppels by lache. An attorney can advise you of the law where I cannot.
The objective is to cutoff the unenforceable claims being made against your estate. The title no doubt rests distributed and should be restored to the estates original ownership held by you in fee. This is where an attorney can advise you.


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