When LivingLies wont let you Post –

By ID_accounting@yahoo.com   LL Commentary – This is a HUGE victory!! Well, the foreclosure mill titans of Washington State (Routh Crabtree & Olsen) are going to have to take on day jobs… Thank GOD Bain ruling

It appears the Bain court , like the MA land court decison , is fizzling out to be of no particular value. Moot decision, by WA Appellate justices.

There is a crime alleged here (or poetry in comotion) and that is your first problem to understand. Second your argument raised here are no sufficent for what your seeking – and what are you seeking. Yo need to focus on what is the focus of the breach and current prodiction line recivery. This is no doubt one reason why my testimony is held as highly controversial and subject to intense scrutiny by the courts. (See testimony before US bankruptcy court Chase v Christianson 2012) , the honorable Judge Albert. Central District Court  

It’s based on the standard that defines forfeiture and in theory amounts to a disseisin or actual passing of an estate. The act upon which the grantor has no right to pass, to the prejudice of him in remainder; Property used in the commission of a crime, including “vehicles” and real estate. By being associated with the crime, the property is “guilty” of the offense, and subject to “seizure”. In some cases, the innocence of the owner may not be a defense,

To date I have received three calls from US Trustees who hired attorneys to combat my arguments under a statue of fraud provision. Why did the trustee not call?

My last call into the kind and generous FDIC (really great people there) regarding the prohibition on servicing rights was a one hour litany of “no Comment”. My counsel was present on the line.  My testimony in deposition before the CA Court of appeals in the Graupner v Select Portfolio Services case remains NOT FOR PUBLISHING. After two days of deposition I was pressed to concede the securitization was a fraud —by the opposition? Why? 

The matter was remanded back to the lower trial court.

Al I can say for the price is what you’re looking at is not a mortgage and think of the scheme as MTV money for nothing and your Bond for free. So listen up mischief makers and frustrated experts under cover of one or another. Read the following closely.

Lemonade is sold from a pitcher. The pitchers EACH holds 10 glasses. The vendor pours’ the entire contents of both pitchers. AT DAYS END, HOW MANY GLASSES OF LEMONDAE ARE BOOKED AS SOLD?

a, 20 glasses b. Depends on glass size c. 30 glasses d. Lemonade sucks

The answer is c. 30 gasses –

Get this and your 90 percent on your way. The problem is the last 10 percent will take another 25 years to learn




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