The subject claims are solely limited to the execution of a guarantors breach under an installment contract. The opposition pursues foreclosure as an unsecured creditor for “Third Party Obligations. Claims for default are subject to guarantor’s right off salvage. The FDCPA operates to allow creditors to obtain a summary judgment upon 30 days notice. The creditor is by its own admission is NOT alleging to bring a foreclosure.


  • FFFC Foreclosing Trustee v. Henderson $500,000 principal reduction – 2008
  • Aurora Foreclosing Trustee v. Corbett Dec. for Occupants w/ prejudice – 2009
  • Select Portfolio V. Graupner; CA Court of Appeals Dec Remand back to trial court -2010
  • Cash Settlement –Lopez v ASC $50,000

The state Bar may, or has continued to issue memorandums for avoiding these foreclosure defenses for implications are concerning interference with congressional act and Government efforts under administrative civil forfeiture proceeding.

Claims no less merit due process if properly plead. Understand that the lenders claims are brought by a substituted creditor under a collections effort for charged or written off assets.

The tax payer corporation who formed a REIT at the commencement is either defunct or released of all entitlements subject to a best efforts interest in claim. The claims are by a judgment entered by collections attorneys in place of the creditor. They are not ENFORCABLE AGINST THE RECORED INTEREST in the deed of trust but seeking to restore claims for DEFAULTED BOND FINANCING. These foreclosure proceeding require filing for judgment and order for entry that is critical for reestablishing the basis or value for cancelled contracts, the mortgage.

Know the facts and obtain the evidentiary required to avoid mal practice and other claims against Attorneys E&O policies

Expert Witness Testimony



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