Stop Living the Lies..

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  1. nomods, on August 26, 2012 at 11:06 pm said:

    These people on Livinglies web site are disgusting shills. They are there to get people excited about moot arguments. They are there to incite controversy against the banks of the United States and seek to instigate chaos in defaulted homeowners lives. Anything to draw in more desperate homeowners. Its wave after wave…

    Please don’t push the matter Editor, that said with what we already know about your enterprise. Let’s say we have enough class not to spread your dirty laundry .

    The banks are not at fault as it is the Directors of these banks that were allowed to use FDIC tax payer insured funds to promulgate their own investments.  It is alleged the decade long scheme that implemented a uniform instrument bringing together all states was solely in order to ween the banks off their co dependency of the Fed. for over the counter short-term yields and borrowing.

    Your homes were taken unencumbered under the accounting rules of FAS 140 to pledge as collateral to for trading 30 60 and 90 days commercial paper rates and to swap out for overseas Libor based 3 month and 6 month yields. 


    Your homes debt was converted to equity and the title transferred unencumbered subject to all liens of record which allegedly stands for a commercial UCC filing to secure the FDIC bank lines. How we ask in a bankrupt and remote isolated entity in an offshore enterprise account.

    You cannot have a UCC fling on a warehouse line converted into common stock and then diluted into preferred shares in coordination with a five-year bond sold to foreign banks. The LA Times chief writer said he did not want to hear any of it Really ? 

    The mortgage was abated when it was transferred into common stock. The UCC is filed against the bank lines converted to common stock representing the equity in your home.This in part is why we ask – “how in the world can a first and second deed of trust or mortgage survive with a UCC filings against one and the same collateral .

    Is there an answer? Oh we have your attention. Now we can get off the Robo Signor drama . . .

    Land patents and Hobo signatures are a loss leader or draw to lead you away from the real arguments and Livinglies site must come clean. Either this information is known or they are concealing the facts or those sites are incompetent to stand as a witness or act as an intelligent purveyor of valuable information.

    I hear all the time “how does he know?”

    It’s never a complete sentence that should end with “….he is not a member of the Bar!”  Who is more crooked . . .those web sites and quite title fools or the suckered attorneys who sucker clients , each falling for the bait of modifications and causes of action to prosecute bankers long after the statute of limitations has run its course.

    Look, assuming the attorneys do not already know . . .they lose their license for interfering with national security in a mass recovery to marshal in US assets lost to overseas banks.

    Modifications suck the next six payments from a desperate household. Then foreclosure schemes do the same, like those who offer internet securitization audits and land or procedures patent gibberish.  

    Stop the pain and fight the last right fight using substantive arguments that makes use of common sense  Look for yourself at the short-term commercial paper rate from 1996, the time of birth for MERS Corp and uniform instrument called a security deed. Starting in 2002 we culminate the first five-year bond cycle experiment with Wells Fargo and Bank of America. From 5.4 percent down to 1.50 .and then to .500BPS in 2002 . Five more years later and whoops. . . back up to 5.5 percent.

    Yet they still made loans in 2006 and 2007 and then its the passage of TARP and the EESA in October of 2008. Then whoops again. . .as always….Fed. intervention and short-term rates are down to 44 BPS.

    By then the party is over.


    For informational purposes only I am not an attorney nor are the other users of this registrations comments and views. Note – only an attorney can advise your of your rights . Call your state Bar for more information.



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