The truth hurts

masterservicer, on August 25, 2012 at 9:35 pm said:

Mary yes,

This is Soliman commenting and I’m sorry someone spoke out of line from our cooperative [joint effort site.]
YES – what I am TELLING YOU is the homeowner is a loser no matter what, …That is what his message attempts to say.
You have lost your home regardless and this is evidenced by Obama having to Marshall in all US Homes from foreign investors. The good news – there is No loan to foreclose upon . The bad is administrative civil forfeiture by the Dept of Treasury . Read TARP my friend. This effort appears to be suppressed till after the election.
A major newspaper told me to leave the issue alone. Really.

Yes this is correct.

You have defenses that are few and the State Bar knows this and I believe they have asked attorneys to focus in on BS modifications and gibberish claims to make money . This is why I am attacked over and over again.This of course does not sell seminars and books nor encourage retainer fees ….so its being kept hush.

File the right claim is all I am saying . ..please listen !

http:\\www.foreclosurealternative.\word press.\com


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