59. The Seller shall maintain with respect to each Mortgage Loan and shall make available for inspection during Seller’s normal business hours and upon reasonable notice by any Purchaser or its designee the related Servicing File during the time the Purchaser retains ownership of a Mortgage Loan and thereafter in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
60. Agreements 5.03 Delivery of Mortgage Loan Documents. On or before the date which is agreed upon by the Purchaser and the Seller in the related Purchase Price and Terms Letter, the Seller shall deliver to Purchaser or the Custodian, as directed by Purchaser, the Mortgage Loan Documents as required by Exhibit H hereto for each Mortgage Loan in the Mortgage Loan Package.
61. On or prior to the related Closing Date, the Custodian shall certify its receipt of all such Mortgage Loan Documents required to be delivered pursuant to the Custodial Agreement, as evidenced by the Initial Certification of the Custodian in the form annexed to the Custodial Agreement. Purchaser shall pay all fees and expenses of the Custodian
62. Seller shall forward to Purchaser or its designee, original documents evidencing an assumption, modification, consolidation or extension of any Mortgage Loan entered into in accordance with this Agreement within two (2) weeks of their execution; provided, however, that Seller shall provide Purchaser or its designee, with a certified true copy of any such document submitted for recordation within two (2) weeks of its execution, and shall provide the original of any document submitted for recordation or a copy of such document certified by the appropriate public recording office to be a true and complete copy of the original within 180 days of its submission for recordation. In the event Seller cannot deliver the original of such documents submitted for recording due to a delay by the recording office in the applicable jurisdiction, Seller shall instead deliver a recording receipt of such recording office or, if such recording receipt is not available, an Officer’s Certificate from Seller confirming that such documents have been accepted for recording. Any such document shall be delivered to Purchaser or its designee promptly upon receipt thereof from the related recording office.



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