Your Loans Originator May not be The Seller

In a foreclosure defense – know the difference as discovery requires the contents of each Mortgage File. If not held by a Custodian they are and shall be held in trust by Seller for the benefit of Purchaser as the owner thereof.

The Seller shall maintain a Servicing File consisting of a copy of the contents of each Mortgage File and the originals of the documents in each Mortgage File not delivered to the Custodian. Seller’s possession of the portion of each Servicing File so retained is for the sole purpose of servicing the related Mortgage Loan, and such retention and possession by Seller is in a custodial capacity only. Upon the purchase of the Mortgage Loans, the ownership of each Mortgage Note, Mortgage and each related Mortgage File is vested in Purchaser and the ownership of all records and documents with respect to each related Mortgage Loan prepared by or which come into the possession of Seller shall immediately vest in Purchaser and shall be retained and maintained, in trust, by Seller in such custodial capacity only. The portion of each Mortgage File so retained shall be appropriately marked to clearly reflect the sale of the related Mortgage Loan to Purchaser.

Seller shall release from its custody the contents of any Mortgage File only in accordance with written instructions from Purchaser, unless such release is required as incidental to Seller’s servicing of the Mortgage Loans or is in connection with a repurchase of any Mortgage Loan pursuant to Section 6.03, 6.04 and 12.02.


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