Servicing Records

The deal structure stipulates that any Mortgage Loan Document needed by Seller in connection with the servicing of a Mortgage Loan must be adminstered and made deliverable.

Request is necessary , all file requests for the release of a Mortgage Loan Document as such shall specify in reasonable detail the reason for Seller’s request as it pertains to objections. Our view is that any such Mortgage Loan Document is in the possession of Seller, shall cause the possession to be deemed a trust asset regardless, as held in trust and for benefit of Purchaser and Seller. Therefore , such loan documents you requested can be traced alleged to have been returned to Purchaser or its designee any Mortgage Loan Document and held so released when Seller’s need for such Mortgage Loan Document was no longer requested.

penalties, fines, forfeitures, reasonable and necessary legal fees and related costs, judgments, and any other costs, fees and expenses that Seller may sustain in connection with any third party claim in any way related to Purchaser’s or its designee’s failure to release, in a timely manner, the Mortgage Loan Documents requested by Seller. Purchaser shall pay all costs, fees and expenses in connection with the possession of the Mortgage Loan Documents.

Purchaser shall provide Seller with written notice at least fifteen (15) days prior to any transfer of the Mortgage Loan Documents.


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