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The state of California must address the lack of jurisdiction over foreclosure that causes CC2923.5 to diminish and perhaps raise new claims. Claims are for mis joinder and parties acting in a tort feeasor

Under the old procedures an investor wires good funds “into” the FDIC member bank to pay off the sponsors (registration) commercial lines causing satisfaction for the lender obligation. The time tested procedure for wiring funds are alleged to have been replaced with the peldge of the depositor’s proceeds. The Broker Dealer SIPIC account is affirmed from barter of trust issued certificates representing your homes stripped lien to converted equity.

Now,divide your mortgage by $250 and herein is the value of your home. Four share per $1,000 in value. I know this and you should know this is hard to see from a litigants perspective while la persons over invest is making a case for Robo signatures. Seriously, we are looking stupid here folks.  The state attorney Gen’s Office knows the red herring value of Robo claims versus challenges agisnt the Fed removing the state sovereignty from real property law under a uniform instrument.

Herein are some of the real issues known insiders throughout the Judicious as well as the American Bar (Evidence Exhibit “D”)  

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