In general, a foreclosure is brought by a counter servicing agent defined as a specialty services or another debt collection processing center that is taking appropriate debt collection action on behalf of one or more specialty agencies or a unit or sub agency of the United States Government.

Foreclosure is a foregone conclusion from the time you executed your documents. Your home was taken long before a foreclosure was filed and our staff will show you why.

The 30 days notice is affirmation of this fact. The most critical piece of evidentiary is never brought into court. And the procedures you’re following are in fact a nullity, Your defenses for the most part are moot and waste of time. Mers corp. Robo signers FDCPA current legislation and ancient law . . .that’s what is in your favor. Yet they are attacked and argued against in court.

The Debt collection is done through specialty centers defined as an agency center or a unit or sub agency within an agency that has been designated by the services executor of the agency. The task is to collect on debt owed to the United States. Specialty management services are this sites “code” for a processing debtor center. Yet still we see complaints making it to court and the wrong arguments being made . Under the civil code for transfer of specialty debts to agency for collection we can see the purposes of this action. The action your fighting is soley brought against title.

Foreclosure is brought by a specialty designated agency. By this we mean a bureaucratic department, specialty appointed agency, court, court administrative office, or instrumentality of a legislative branch of the specialty government, including government corporations. The collection is by a Creditor agency that refers to any specialty agency representative that is owed a debt. The Debt is defined as any amount of money, funds or property that has been determined by an appropriate official of the specialty government to be owed to the under a specialty act by a person.

It should be noted that the term ‘‘debt’’ does not include debts arising under the internal revenue code of 1986.

At registerclaims we are here to assist. There is no charge for helping others. Where our experts can assist your attorneys is with the task of bringing the correct claims. We have experience testifying in court and can share what is needed to restore title or at least provide a factual based title defense. One that may keep your home.



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